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Pet First Aid

Pet First Aid is the immediate care given to a pet that has been injured or suddenly taken ill. Just as administering first aid to a human can mean the difference in a critical or life-and-death situation, the same is true for dogs and cats. Pet first aid includes information and training on preventing and responding to an emergency situation such as a bite, choking, bleeding, CPR, and more.

The PetTech™ program is the first international training that is dedicated to training pet owners in first aid and CPR for their cats and dogs. Not only will you be able to respond in an emergency situation, but you will also learn how to prevent accidents from happening.


Pet Life Saver, located in Jacksonville, Florida, is a training program that every person who touches cat or dog fur should take. Like people, pets often need first aid and even CPR because they have been injured or have been exposed to an environmental hazard. As a Certified PetTech™ Trainer, I can teach you how to save your dog or cat’s life.

Pet Life Saver is dedicated to helping all pet parents and pet professionals in Northeast Florida learn how to save and protect their pets from injury and death through a comprehensive training program. Classes are available for small groups, workplaces, community organizations and more. The class is taught by a certified and experienced trainer and is approved by veterinarians.

If you have dogs or cats and want to learn how to administer pet CPR or first aid, this class is the best investment you will ever make. In a few hours, you will learn how to keep your pet safe using hands-on practice techniques, as well as through lectures and demonstrations. Pet first aid could save your pet’s life. Sign up now for the next class, or contact us to schedule a private class.

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Pet Life Saver - First Aid and Care
Pet Life Saver - First Aid and Care
Pet Life Saver - First Aid and Care