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Saving Your Pet’s Life

Does it seem like your pets get into everything? Like small children, pet parents have to be very careful not to leave hazardous items around the house. We also have to be sure that they don’t eat things that they shouldn’t, that they get the proper vaccinations and check-ups, and that they are trained to behave properly.

Pet Life Saver Jax is offering classes in the Jacksonville, Florida area for pet parents – and anyone who loves dogs and cats – to learn how to handle a pet emergency. As a Certified PetTech™ Trainer, I can teach you how to handle an emergency if it comes up. We teach cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) for dogs and cats, as well as basic First Aid.

In addition to offering classes to the general public beginning in January 2016, we will also be available to speak to small groups in the home, or at meeting locations. These are great training sessions for anyone who loves animals and we recommend them for pet sitters, pet care professionals, homeowners associations, clubs, organizations – anyone who is interested.

Please keep watching our Class Registration page for updates as we schedule classes. Please “like” our Facebook page and share it with your friends, too.