Real World Pet Life Saving Skills

It is human nature to think that emergencies will not happen to us and our own pets.  The reality is that an average of one student per Pet Life Saver class proudly reports back how he or she was able to utilize the skills learned in the Pet CPR and First Aid class within a few months.  Each time, the students were grateful they took the class and did not fall into the mindset of emergencies only occurring to others.

In most cases, students report ways in which they were able to avoid an emergency from occurring in the first place.  One student was in the habit of bringing home leftovers when dining out and feeding them to her dog.  Many of the meals included ingredients such as garlic and onion, which are detrimental for the long term health of dogs.  After taking the class and learning which foods are toxic to our pets, she is now making healthier choices so that her dog can lead a longer, healthier life.

In other cases, students have been able to literally save the life of their pet in an immediately life threatening situation.  One student was feeding her dog when he suddenly started choking on his dinner.  She was able to quickly and calmly assess the situation, administer chest thrusts, and clear her dog’s airway.  Since her dog gets excited when eating, she has since decided to feed her dog smaller kibble that will be less likely to get lodged in her dog’s throat and restrict the airway.

One of the most extreme cases occurred when a dog was playing in the yard.  In a fluke accident, the dog landed on his leg wrong and broke it while simply running around.  This student immediately recognized the signs of a fractured limb and knew she had to take instant action to prevent harm to herself and further harm to her dog.  She calmly muzzled the dog so that he would not lash out at her in pain, splinted the leg, and transported the dog safely to the emergency vet.  The vet was super impressed with how the situation was handled.

Pet emergencies can happen in the blink of an eye.  Make sure you are prepared to save your pet by signing up for a Pet CPR and First Aid class today!