Pets & Pot – Really

If your cat or dog suffers from cancer, pain, anxiety, seizures, hot spots, inflammation, etc., canine/feline cannabis could be the solution.  Traditional pain killers often have adverse side effects on our pets, but canine/feline cannabis can offer relief without the nasty side effects.  The cannabis can be infused in treats or food, so it is easy to administer to the pet.  Not to worry, cannabis does not alter your pet’s mind and create a state of being high.  A holistic vet can prescribe the cannabis and provide direction on proper dosage for the ailment, after a blood check.  Regular follow up visits should be maintained to ensure the cannabis is properly addressing the situation (just like any other medicine that is prescribed).  Pain management is the number one reason canine/feline cannabis is used.  Often, the pet shows signs of reduced pain almost immediately after receiving the cannabis.  Arthritis patients often have increased mobility within a few days.  Seizures are sometimes reduced in frequency and duration.  Cancerous tumors have been known to shrink or vanish after being treated with cannabis.  An anxious pet can be greatly calmed, and not to the point the pet is drowsy.  While canine/feline cannabis is a newer concept, it has shown tremendous strides in increasing the quality of life for our pets.